6 Gorgeous Examples of Home Decor Packaging

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Derrick Lin


Written by Kristin Hillery, editor of Modernize.

Getting new furniture and decorations is the best, and when they come in cool packages? Even better. Check out the best home decor and furniture packaging I’ve seen lately.

1. Ovo High Chair by CuldeSac

CuldeSac set out to design and develop something you don’t really see too often: a stylish high chair that grows up with the child. We love how this sleek chair comes in a simple, minimalist rounded box with the sweet all-lowercase message, “being born is beautiful.” And so is this packaging. I especially like how the color of the box is just like the wooden legs of the chair.

2. Pop-Up Light by Well Well Designers

I’m a big fan of products with built-in packaging — not only are they cool, they’re eco-friendly by cutting down on waste and they allow the customer to feel like they’ve instantly constructed the product. Constructed from a sheet of tinted cardboard, the Pop-Up Light is intended to be placed on the corner of a wall, where it creates a luminous shape and acts as an unexpected design element in a room.

3. STEP STEP Stool and Shoehorn by Kawakami

Peanut butter and jelly, Abbott and Costello, and now stool and shoehorn. The STEP STEP from Japan’s Kawakami Design Studio comes in a flat-packed cardboard box with simple black lettering and a silhouette image of the stool, and when you open it, the pieces are symmetrically and neatly placed with the shoehorn laid diagonally across. It’s a functional piece of furniture with a very functional package design.

4. Mjölk

It doesn’t get much cuter than the boxes Toronto shop Mjölk uses to package their goods. Though they have a brick-and-mortar store, they do a tremendous amount of online sales, so that raised the question of how they could bring that same experience customers get in their store, to those who’d never been there. And so they came up with the idea of printing boxes to look like milk bottle crates (the smaller ones just have images of milk pitchers), and their designer, Sali Tabacchi, created a fun package design that even has a return address foil stamp. Online customers can definitely get a sense of what it’d be like to shop at Mjölk in person. After only seeing their packaging, I’d personally love to go.

5. GE Bulb

How many designers does it take to create visually-appealing, environmentally-friendly packaging for a light bulb? I have no idea, but I do know that I love the packaging, made from a single sheet of recycled chipboard, for this GE bulb. It doesn’t even use any glue, and because of the minimalist graphic design, there’s not much ink use either.

6. Tea Calendar by Halssen and Lyon

Another great example of low-waste packaging: The Tea Calendar is made of tea leaves pressed paper-thin, marked with a date, then hung as part of the calendar — yep, 365 of ‘em.  Just detach a day and brew it in a cup of hot water. For more design ideas and inspiration, head to Modernize.com.

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