Cocoa Santé Hot Cocoa


Newport, RI, USA

Agency: Lakuna Design
Designers: Dave Narcizo / Misi Narcizo
Photography: Andrea Hasen
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Cocoa Santé Hot Cocoa
Location: Arlington, MA/USA
Packaging Content: Instant Hot Cocoa
Packaging Materials: Paper, plastic, tin

Cocoa Santé Hot Cocoa is a new instant cocoa product based in Arlington, MA. The cocoa comes in individual serving stickpacks, boxes of 6, and tins. Four unique blends were all inspired by cocoa’s history across the world. To differentiate the product from its competitors, established design approaches to cocoa packaging were reconsidered. Each blend provided great design opportunities to add visual notes as subtle nod’s to the flavor profile (chipotle, cardamom, ginger, etc.) and each blend’s cultural history. This was done with color and unique patterns for each blend. The ultimate goal was to create a package that was bright, lively and colorful—rather than leaning too heavily on chocolate brown. This underlines the Santé in the brand’s name which refers to health and specifically the reported healthful properties of cacao. This fresh perspective on cocoa was not meant to just broadcast from the shelf though…the choice to package servings in on-the-go pouches for active consumers enhances the consumer experience really anywhere…on the slopes, by the fire, in the break room, etc.

What’s Unique?
This packaging promotes cocoa for an active consumer through easy to carry, on-the-go single-serve stickpacks and bright, bold, and colorful packaging. The company founders were drawn to cocoa for its newly publicized health benefits and wanted to position it in a more active, friendly, middle of the day style. The concept seems to have been implemented successfully—it caught the attention of REI Outdoor Outfitters who now carry a variety pack box in all of their stores and online.