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Agency: Brand Society
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Dessert
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Everyone loves their Nanna!
Capturing the attention and the hearts of modern consumers in a traditional and declining category.

The frozen desserts category was becoming irrelevant to modern consumers as eating occasions and patterns changed. Younger consumers believed the frozen dessert category was not for them and more casual eating occasions like ice cream and chocolate where taking market share. A brand refresh was needed to help Nanna’s standout on shelf and capture the hearts of a new generation.

We took a whimsical look back at the brand’s heritage and its delicious home-style desserts. Building on the positive aspects of Nanna’s brand equity we captured a sense of quality that comes not just from heritage but from a feeling of love and care, creating loyalty on a deeper level, based on an emotional connection.

We avoided old fashioned cues while maintaining the feeling of traditional quality and the care of a homemade style product.

The doily graphic, which forms the holding shape for the brand, hints at the traditional kitchen where Nanna would create her delicious sweet treats. In contrast the fresh, bright colours and clean graphics give a modern and youthful feel. It is this conflict between traditional and modern which creates the tension and interest in the Nanna’s story. To complement this a quirky and endearing tone of voice was developed to communicate the sweetness of the brand personality in a concise and friendly way.

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Packaging Application, Brand Writing & Communications, Bespoke Illustration, Point-of-Sale.

Nanna’s overall Fruit Pies sales increased by 14.7% , Nanna’s Family Apple Pie sales increased by 25.3%

“Working with Brand Society has always been a seamless integration of creative ideas and great strategy, providing the brands with outstanding differentiation, consistency and a true identity within the market.”
Hannah Audas – Nanna’s Brand Manager