PB Creative Limited

40-42 Parker St, London WC2B 5PQ, UK

Agency: PB Creative
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Signal
Location: London, UK
Packaging Contents: Toothpaste
Packaging Materials: Satin metallic on box and tube

White Now toothpaste is ‘the’ cosmetic tooth whitening brand, delivering instant results through their trademarked ‘blue light technology’.

PB creative were commissioned to create a new structural & graphic solution for their entire portfolio.

The original packaging, in a completely transparent PET box which offered optimum visibility of the tube inside, was unique in the category but caused a high number of returns due to damage.

PB have created a new PET/Carton board hybrid structure which delivers high visibility of the primary pack whilst reducing the potential for splitting along the seams. The Window is framed by a powerful ‘swoosh’ device inspired by the Signal Brand mark, which runs consistently across all variants in the range creating a strong visual shorthand for the brand.

Both the box and tube are finished in a satin metallic with embossed elements on the secondary pack, culminating in a premium, cosmetic look that ultimately reflects the shine of the White Now users smile!