Talitsa Dairy Products



Agency: Brandiziac
Designer: Darya Medvedeva
Technical Designer: Dmitriy Yakushevich
Art Director: Evgeniy Kalashnikov
Creative Director: Artem Shutov
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Talitsa Dairy Farms
Location: Ekaterinburg, Russia
Packaging Contents: Dairy product
Packaging Materials: Plastic

Talitsa Dairy Products is widely known in the region for the quality of its products but was always sold in a low-price segment. The company decided to call upon Brandiziac for a rebranding of the trademark in order to occupy a higher price segment of the market. The client was also willing to invest in modernization of production if it was necessary for the upgrade of packaging.

The production is located in a Talitsa National Natural Park (hence the name), which is protected by the state. The naturality and cleanness of the product is also guaranteed by high standards of production. All this became the basis for the new image of the brand. Blue sky is a clear and sharp image, it communicates the idea of ecological pureness ideally.

What’s Unique?
The use of Sleeve and IML technologies serves two purposes. First of all we wanted to use as much of the packaging surface as we could. Secondly, it was important to make the packaging partially transparent so that the customer could see the product inside. Sharp and laconic form of the packaging serves as a great background for the “sky-blue” design. The created design concept attracts attention to the product block on the store shelf.