Creative Agency: Sol Benito
Designer/ Creative Director: Vishal Vora
3D Artist: Ramdhun RD
Designers: Janak, Hardik
Project Type: Concept
Location: Mumbai, India
Packaging Contents: Perfume
Packaging Materials: Glass, ABS, Zamac (Zinc)

The brief was to create a product which is synonymous for beauty and grace meant for GCC countries

Conceptualized from Swan a visual Metaphor for beauty, grace and elegance and we crafted the concept for this product with the name SWANO which is an expression of various dimension of feminine persona. It’s long curved graceful neck act as a bridge between Beauty and Sensuality.

Its White bottle is like plumage which symbolizes dazzling beauty and purity with gold embellishments and clear diamond in eye of a Swan as a materialistic divine and desire