Proud design

Kalkovenplein, 1165 MJ Halfweg, Nederland

Creative Agency: PROUDdesign
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: NADA
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Packaging Contents: Freezedried Fruits
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminum & Plastic Pouch
Printing Process: Copper Gravure Printing

Taco Schepers, the founder of NADA, has always demonstrated a passion for healthy and tasty food. Something he gets very enthusiastic and happy about. Over the years he became more and more amazed by the amount of natural and unnatural additives in most food products.

During his sabbatical in 2014 he dug deep into this matter and decided to change this. When he tasted his first freeze-dried strawberry in 2015 he was sold. An amazing taste sensation, a crispy bite en healthy as well! He was so impressed by the products he decided to make it his business.

As a new brand we did not wanted to be associated with the current traditional ‘dark green’ health products. They are often very boring thanks to their rational approach. We wanted the enthusiasm of ‘light green’ consumers. Who do not eat organic all the time but do integrate this in a modern and active lifestyle. For whom enjoyment of pure taste is a very important condition. They eat healthy as a lifestyle.

What’s Unique?
The design is set up as a ‘food-glossy’ to emphasize the beauty of pure food. The striking black logo for the title and colourful headings for the most important claims and a playful character. The ‘food-glossy’ look is completed by giving variants their own ‘issues’, the use of vertical text on the side and a prominent, magazine like place for the bar code on the front. The colours are striking yet natural, also thanks to the mat finish. They are in great contrast with the fruits, to make them stand out as real beauties.

Devils wear Prada, angels eat Nada!

We developed a short and strong brand name with NADA. In street language often used as alternative for ‘nothing’. It not only describes the purity of the product, because there is nothing added to it, but also implicitly refers to its low weight. We left the A’s in the logo unfinished but legible, to give it a cleaner even more aesthetic, female look. We only added ‘nothing added’ to strengthen the meaning of the brand.

The back of the pack is not forgotten and made up in magazine style as well.

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