Creative Agency: kenma
Photographer: Masahide Takahashi
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Kesemo
Location: Kesennuma, Miyagi, Japan
Packaging Contents: Seasoning and Cosmetic

Their client is Kesemo, a processed seafood brand that uses unique local fishery resources. Kesemo is a restoration project that aims at activating Kesen-numa city one of the worst damaged areas from the Great East Japan Earthquake, 2011. The brand was founded together with ten local companies. It provides processed foods such as soy sauce made of Sea squirts, a dressing using seaweed and cosmetics using collagen abstracted from sharks.

In the project, different package will be needed depending on the situation such as different kinds of items with united image or an item sold separately. One of the big issues of branding is the trade-off between individual branding and master branding. The design tackled the issue. In particular, the firm designed the both-sides of the products.

The front label shows product’s individual package that can freely be designed according to each product’s strategy. The back label shows Kesemo’s brand design whose color and layout are united. In addition, W label design contribute substantially to the promotion at the store by making it able to display both front and back side.