La Vasconia (Concept)


Costa Rica

Designer: Daniel Montiel
Project Type: Concept
Location: Costa Rica
Packaging Contents: Craft Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass
Printing Process: Digital

The history of San José is lived in museums and in its streets, but also in its oldest bars, points of assembly and debate of many generations, where birra was invented with mouth, and social classes do not exist. That is why Criolla Chepeña was born by “Public Park”, a brewery that has the purpose of paying homage with the labels of its beer to the most iconic josefinas bars and canteens that were and still are present. Our friends from “FCB Crea Costa Rica” invited me to design the

“La Vasconia” beer label in honor of the traditional San Jose bar. La Vasconia is a bar where one can go with someone who does not like football and still end up talking about the subject, as you will see that you can not overlook the many photographs of old encounters with Boca Junior , Real Madrid and other teams, where even the first football teams in Costa Rica stand out.

From there the design for the label was generated.