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Creative Agency: Yindee Design
Designer: Chantranut Khoosuwan
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Lanna Agro Industry Co., Ltd.
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Packaging Contents: Edamame (Japanese Green Soybean)
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Gravure Printing Process

Minnamame, whose name means ‘everyone’s Edamame,’ is the friendliest frozen Japanese green soybean (Edamame) that greets everyone with a smile.

LACO exported Edamame globally and mainly to Japan, where people widely have Edamame as snack, whereas Thai people couldn’t care less. They barely knew the health benefits it offers nor how good it tastes. Our task was to catch their attention without forcing nutrition facts on them, basically having them try our product.

The design is half Japanese half Thai. We combined Japanese minimalism and a smile of the land of smile together. A big bright green brush-stroke smile on white background. No more, no less. Just let the product speak for itself with hospitality.

As a result, an amiable brand personality is very appealing to consumers. Whether they want to try Edamame or not, they’d still recognize Minnamame. The sales rose remarkably. Minnamame lives up to its name, everyone’s Edamame. The QR code on the pouch lets consumers discover the farmers and growing place of the Edamame in their hands. Not only customers’ satisfaction but also farmers’ pride are embodied in every pouch.

What’s Unique?
We don’t show the product inside. Our opaque microwavable white pouch with a simple green smile ensures customers of its high quality and superb taste. It also keeps the product inside from discoloration.