the Labelmaker

Sofia, Bulgaria,

Creative Agency: the Labelmaker
Design: the Labelmaker
Photo: Jordan Jelev
Bottle: Agape by Saverglass
Paper: Constellation Jade Raster by Arconvert
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Rumelia Wine Cellar
Location: Bulgaria
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Aluminium, Paper, cork
Printing Process: Flexography, Screen printing, Foil stamping, sculpt embossing, white overlay

Erelia Wine Label Design – An Infinite Unity of Perfection
Erelia is a very new wine label I designed for one of the most amazing wineries in Bulgaria – the Rumelia Winery. Famous for its amazing red wines Erelia brand is probably the quintessence of everything they have created so far. Erelia is the old name of Smiletz Village near Panagyurishte where the vineyards are. The whole region is magical and is very famous because this is the land where the incredible Panagyurishte Treasure was found here in the middle of 20th century. There is a lot of history hidden here and it dates back some 400-300 years BC when this territory was ruled be the Thracian Kings.

The Erelia wine label design is very simple yet intriguing with its non-traditional print effects. I used white overlay printed on the Constellation Jade raster paper to achieve white paper effect leaving less of the natural paper finish visible. The result is very smooth and attractive delicate background pattern based on the ERELIA logo. It represents an infinite unity of 4 rings – each for one of the four varieties included in this amazing red blend. The figure of the logo is surreal as it can’t be achieved in real life which enhances my main idea to say how incredible is the wine behind this modern wine label.

The bottle I used for the Erelia project is one of my favorite – Agape by Saverglass, France.

The capsule has matt black finish where the Rumelia logo is overprinted with semi-gloss transparent hot-foil. The top of the capsule is featuring the Rumelia logo stamped with gold hot-foil and deep embossing for stunning visual impact.