Bern’s Limited Edition Spirits

Derrick Lin


Design: Stevie & Fern
Art Director: Mary Kay Dwyer
Artist: Dalek
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: St Petersburg Distillery
Packaging Content: Spirits
Packaging Material: Glass bottle
Location: Florida, USA

Celebrating diversity through collaboration, Stevie & Fern has designed a limited-edition trio of spirits for St Petersburg Distillery & Bern’s Steak House located Tampa, FL. Reimagining mural artwork from world-renowned street artist Dalek, the labels explore the push and pull dynamics of opposing forces, inspired by the natural color palette of tropical Florida. There is an abundance of flashing colors and multiple planes, subtle and almost unperceived moments working in harmony to define space and movement.

These limited edition bottles will be sold exclusively at Bern’s properties across Florida.

‘The brief was to showcase Dalek’s larger than life mural, and highlight the partnership between Bern’s Steakhouse and Old St. Pete. So we created a billboard effect across the three variants for maximum impact. Then allowing the co-branding to be quiet and confident in its simplicity. The colors are bright and vibrant, picking up on the tropical hues of Florida.’ – Mary Kay Dwyer – Chief Cat Officer