Meet Sweet Fit Range


Design: Sophia Georgopoulou | Design
3D renderings: Costis Papatheodorou
Copywriter: Konstantinos Kontinos
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Cookies
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Carton box
Printing Process: Offset printing, gold foil

Meet Sweet, the small-scale brand of hand-crafted, high-quality biscuits from China that became originally known through their Classic Range, now introduce a new, exciting line.

Meet Sweet Fit Range comprises 5 new flavors, all with a certain health twist. For this Range, the brands’ mascots, the Bunny and the Bear play a leading role on the packaging. Adding to the fitness orientation of the Range, the characters are depicted in various activities. In line with the design tenets of the original Classic Range, the boxes of the Fit Range also use the “rainbow” as a main part of the visuals. The Fit Range now completes the offerings of the Meet Sweet brand, making sure that there is something for everyone to love and enjoy.