Anyutiny Gryadki (Ann’s Vegetable Garden)

Design: Fabula Branding
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Zhdanovichy Agricultural Combined Plant
Location: Minsk, Belarus

Zhdanovichy Agricultural Combined Plant launched a new range of organic products covered by the Euro-leaf certificate – a sign of the official European organic products certification system.

There are few products of this kind on the Belarusian market. However, local customers are already familiar with the so-called greenwashing marketing, i.e. claiming that a product is eco-friendly when it is actually not. The new trademark had to emphasize the advantages of the product that make it stand out from its “green” competitors – its naturalness and authenticity.

The name Anyutiny Gryadki (a reference to the Russian name of the well-known flower heartsease, making it more memorable) sets a proper tone and illustrates the nature of the product. The manufacturer is not anonymous anymore, but is perceived as a diligent farmer taking care of his own vegetable garden.

The product itself is simple and natural. Therefore, the package had to meet two criteria at once: assure the customer of quality and safety and show the “green” nature of its contents. This effect is reached by the shape of the label resembling a garden bed with sprouts and a tablet among them with a logo written in a large and soft font on a warm wooden background. The label is universal and may be used on any product in the range.