A vibrant, eco-friendly superfood brand for health and energy from Fabula Branding

Lifeberry is an American brand based in Los Angeles, California. These are healthy organic energy drinks based on green tea, inspired by the culture of healthy lifestyle. This anti-aging product has many health benefits and exotic flavors: blueberry-chaga, blood orange-goji, pineapple-passion fruit, peach-cloudberry.

The brand already had a name, mission and values. We needed to develop an identity and packaging design that would help to reveal the idea.

Fabula Branding created Lifeberry’s corporate identity and packaging design based on the brand’s values, naturalness and unique combinations of ingredients. The agency helped the product carve out a functional drink niche for “energy” and “healthy” drinks.

The Lifeberry logo conveys balance: it combines a classic grotesque typeface with plastic elements. The packaging design is based on large vertical typography and large ingredient photos that make it easy to read. The juicy, rich palette of the brand reveals the bright tastes of each item, and infographic elements reveal the health benefits of the drink.