Airy Dairy: Fabula Branding’s Primemilk air ingredient brand

Primemilk whey-based dry ingredients are a good choice for bread, confectionery and meat products manufacturers. The product is enriched with vitamins and minerals and is easy to use. It was necessary to develop a brand that would adequately present the product on the market.

Airy Dairy is a rhyming, rhythmic and visually harmonious phrase that conveys the delicate, airy texture of the product and belongs to its category. The agency continued to reveal the nature of naim in the soft rounded logo.

The Airy Dairy palette comes in navy blue and white. This decision helped to create a concise and modern image. To emphasize the product’s affiliation with the Primemilk brand, the agency introduced round elements into the design, symbolizing the ingredients. They are used in corporate identity, packaging design, and the diacritic and dot logo.

Fabula Branding drew inspiration from the textures and properties of ingredients for the food shoot. The photographs helped to communicate the products in a clear and beautiful way in the digital environment, as well as to brand the media.

Airy Dairy has taken its place in the company’s product portfolio, influencing the architecture and creating new communications for the powerful Primemilk brand.


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