Design: Edgar Kirei
Project Type: Concept
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Can

There is a dark side hiding inside everyone of us which is better to be kept out of light. But when you drink too much it can break free, make you rude, aggressive and dangerous. We decided to make the package design a not-that-kind-reminder and a warning of all the dangers of over-drinking.

The naming “Rouge” comes from the collocation “rogue bear”, the bear that wakes up during winter hibernation, and is considered to be the most savage one. This symbol becomes the main element of the design. An illustration of a roaring bear, aggressive and angry was created specially for this project.

Gothic style of the logo supports the dark feel of the design and symbolises the evil side of a human soul. Bright orange-red color makes it look like a warning sign. Slogan “Don’t poke the bear/beer” supports the main idea and helps to communicate the product in different channels. A wordplay makes it a bit playful and perfect to use in social networks or as a print on give away materials.