Petja Montanez


Agency: Publicis Slovenia
Art director: Petja Montanez
Strategy & Planning Director: Maja Michieli
Designer: Boštjan Majcen
Copy: Marko Senegačnik
Account Director: Sabina Raca
Executive Designer: Robert Lupše
Project Type: Concept
Location: Slovenia
Packaging Contents: Yogurt
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, paper, aluminium
Printing Process: Flexography, offset print

When designing the packaging, we leaned on the essence of content that is natural and based on the Innocence / Innocence archetype, which makes the LCA work simple, natural and slightly playful. That’s why we also based on these attributes in the design and made a basic line that acts as a branding LCA (a letter where the taste of the content appears inside the letter). Thus, the design of the packaging: simple, memorable, unique and innocent (pure, natural, simple).

All the elements on the packaging are visible and easy to read/memorable as in alphabet A, B, C. The colors are vibrant/glowing, enticing, just like fruits, and the whiteness of the background reminds us of yogurt primarily. Positioning The branding of the manufacturer Celeia Dairy is not only in the record but also in the appearance as the logo on the packaging (somewhere behind the net).

What’s Unique?
The unique & simple branding LCA as a fruit area made with paper art.