Petja Montanez


Agency: Publicis Slovenia
Art Director: Petja Montanez
Copy: Marko Senegačnik
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Zenith
Location: Slovenia
Packaging Contents: Beverages
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle bulb and paper label
Printing Process: Digital printing

Presents for the client.” Idea bulb”. All year creativity for them&us.

Hold it!

“Take it carefully, as the brittle thing in the world. Raise it high, look straight through it, admire it from all sides. Breathe in slowly, so that the spirit of unhappy opportunities can help you. Taste it in drops, to the sweetness of everything that can become. Your idea is in your hands. Hold her, do not put her thoughts on her, until it lights up in its full size.”

What’s Unique?
Ready made “Idea bulb” reused as a present for the client which we wanted to give him a memorable present with sharing idea.