Petja Montanez


Art director, Designer: Petja Montanez
Photographer: Petja Montanez
Project Type: Concept
Location: Slovenia
Packaging Contents: Wellness pet supplement food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Paper, Plastic
Printing Process: Offset print, Screen printing, Digital printing

Pets have their unique secret: they are here to take care of us. A pet is an important part of our life. Every pet has an unique personality and a profund effect on us. They care of us emotionaly and phisically.
“ELIXIR” will be the first product on the market. It helps repair cells and improves vitality of dogs and cats helping them to live longer and have better quality of life. Therefore it is ideal for adult pets. It is highly efficient and the you can notice the results quickly. And when we take a good care of them they can take a good care of us as well.

What’s Unique?
Our pets have secret mission to take care of us. With the help of the best quality products from our brand we can return the favor. INNOVATIVE FORMULA TO HELP REGENERATE THE CELLS AND BOOST THE VITALITY OF YOUR PET. That is modestly seen from our package.