Design: Demina Daria
Project Type: Student Project
School: Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry
Course: 3
Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Low-calorie crisps
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper & food grade plastic

The main consumers of low-calorie products are people who monitor their weight. Therefore, the style-forming element was a large number of calories, placed on the front side of the package. You don’t need to look for calorie data in small plates on the back of the package — simply select the product with the desired calorie and plan your diet. The figure shows the caloric content of one crisp in a pack. The color of the upper part of the package varies depending on the taste. The bottom part always remains transparent and shows the product view — so you can make sure it’s fresh. The set includes rectangular, round and mini-crisps in a sealed package.