Derrick Lin


Agency: Rong Brand
Design Director: Bai Lu, Wang Bowl, Zhang Degang
Packaging Designer: Li Sizhen, Ge Xinxin, Xiao Wu, Wu Feifei, Auntie
Illustrator: Liu Yilin, Ocean
Interior Design Director: Wu Daqing
Interior Designer: Chen Na, Liu Huanliang
Photography: Xiao He & 暄暄
Article Author: High Yunfeng
Article Edit: Ming Hao
Packaging Content: Tea leaves
Location: China

How can the development of the whole melon category be promoted while expanding the sales volume?

Examine the “essential question” of melon slices, what do you drink when you drink melon slices? Melon is the only single-leaf green tea without buds and stalks in the world’s tea. It also has “natural scent” and “processing fragrant”. Drinking melon slices is to drink “fragrance”. Examine the “Best of the Brand” of Huiliu, “old name”, “non-legacy”, “pull old fire”, meaning “authentic”. Rong Brand used “authentic” as the current strategy of Huiliu, forming a brand moat.