de drie fleschjes jenever

van heertum design VHD

Gasthuisring 23, 5041 DP Tilburg, Nederland

Design: Van Heertum Design VHD
Location: Netherlands
Project Type: Produced
Client: de drie fleschjes
Product Launch Location: Netherlands
Packaging Contents: Spirit, Genever, Dutch Gin
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Offset

For the oldest tasting room (bar) in Amsterdam, Holland, we got the honor to design the packaging for their own Genever celebrating their 369th anniversary!! Yeah that’s right, more than 3 centuries. The building is still standing strong and we illustrated it by hand on the inside of the label, since it is a big icon in Amsterdam. With this illustration on the inside of the label we are connecting the genever to the iconic building in Amsterdam. The rest of the outside design has been created all by hand in a style that suits an establishment that is 3 centuries old. Cheers to de drie fleschjes (translation – the three bottles).