Jigsaw Cuit



Design: Weili Wu, Feng Zhe, OuYang Lin, Zhang Jian, Yu MuTian
Location: China
Project Type: Student Project
School: Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art(GAFA)
Packaging Contents: Biscuits

Jigsaw Biscuit provides a novel style of snack collocation. It can bring different tastes by combining different kinds of snacks when eating. Can you imagine the taste of mixing soft sweats and biscuits together?

Jigsaw Biscuits contain four common snacks: chocolate, soft sweets, cheese and cream. These separate snacks are designed in the shape of five-pointed stars. They can be eaten directly, or they can be put into the center hole of the biscuits to eat together. The interesting taste of mixing a different snack and biscuit together has enhanced the interaction between the snacks in the process of constantly trying to match the snacks and also make the leisure time more novel and enjoyable.

The package is divided into inner and outer layers. Four snacks of different flavors are packed in the middle round box which can be lifted and separated from the outer box. The biscuits are wrapped in the outer ring box and the amount of the biscuits is equal to the snacks in the middle.