Hilarious wine label design for serious wines

the Labelmaker

Sofia, Bulgaria, https://thelabelmaker.eu

Design: the Labelmaker
Print: Rotoprint
Images: Jordan Jelev
Paper: Arconvert
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Lozeto
Product Launch Location: Bulgaria
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass
Printing Process: Offset, Serigraphy

The Background
In my work, I always try to be different every time I start a new design. This is often exhausting but I never give up, believing that I somehow owe such approach to everyone who needed my services. Different, new, inventive, creative – these are the keywords I always try to unlock inside of me. But what if the fortune meets you with a project that is already full with such keywords and is naturally born with own character and vital individual power?

This is how my story with Lozeto started a few months ago. Two young men who traded the city comfort for living with nature, farms & vineyards are the core of this new venture. They came to me and from the very first contact with them, I knew it was going to be different.

The Project
Our first meeting was short but very useful to me as I quickly realized that whatever I start to do should be a reflection of these two men’s characters. They were young, speaking freely, with lots of jokes in our conversation and everything was going very friendly and easy. Soon after that I visited their own vineyards near Debeletz (Tsonevo) and saw lots of animals in their farm – sheep, pigs, cows etc. In the meantime, we were chatting online and they send me lots of amazing photos from their farm and the vineyards. After a week later I really knew what to do – I was looking for a hilarious wine label design blending the owners’ characters and individuality with everything that I saw around their farm and vineyards.

We teamed up perfectly and selected some of the most interesting photos they had. I really had no idea how to personalize them to become a reflection of these two young men.
Then I nearly by accident started sketching with contrast color different lines, curves etc. directly on the photos we liked and step by step I started making these photos very funny by adding simple naive drawings. It took me less than an hour to see that I am actually designing a really hilarious wine label for Lozeto.

I then converted all images in grayscale to enhance the meaning of the added color elements and I instantly realized how strong yet very funny the images became. I placed them all in a simple label design putting each image in oval frame. Then added all necessary info and the label was almost done.

I needed something more to spice up this hilarious wine label design though…. something little but meaningful! This is how I came across the idea of using hashtag – each wine and variety is combined with funny hashtag title to complement the image above.

The Result
At the end we had a row of six wines all put in elegant burgundy bottles in different colors for whites, reds, and the rose. Looking at them from a distance always captures your attention because the design is simple and easy-to-understand but with each step toward the wines you see that it’s not just the oval frame or the grayscale image inside, or the white paper …. there is something different with this label. At the end you grab the bottle and you realize that this is not ordinary but a hilarious wine label design.

You open the bottle, you know it’s going to be fun, you drink with pleasure!