Agro-Invest – Golden Collection


Design: Ohmybrand
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Vegetables

Golden Collection of Vegetables from Agro-Invest

“Golden Collection” is the best work of selection art of the “Agro-Invest” team. Such unique varieties of tomatoes as “Ordene Rosso”, “Mamma Mia”, “Dionysus”, “Dolce Rosso”, “Agilitto” needed their own design because consumers often could not understand why the price of different tomatoes in similar packages can vary so much.

To solve this problem, the Ohmybrand and “Agro-Invest” teams worked with the product matrix and brought all the selective varieties from the “Basic Collection” to the “Golden Collection”, clearly dividing the products both by varieties and by price segments.

It is planned to sell the “Golden Collection” in small batches in premium chains and delicatessen stores, and to form the demand for them with those consumers who understand the quality and taste of tomatoes. There are also supplies of these vegetables to restaurants – the quality of the vegetable line “Golden Collection” can meet the needs of the most demanding chefs. That is why the new slogan of the line “Golden Collection” sounds like “Choice of the Best”.

When developing the design, we consciously sought to separate the “Golden Collection” and the basic line of vegetables, while maintaining brand awareness. To look more sophisticated, the logo lost its sun but acquired a more refined and elegant font. Taking into consideration the shaded, complex colors, here is a package for real gourmets. As only few consumers are keen on subtleties of the art of vegetable selection, we placed on one of the facets of the package a link to the site where consumers can learn about the benefits and taste characteristics of each particular variety, explore a long way that each variety has come – from native plantations and meticulous work on adaptation to hand-picking and calibration by size and shape for each package. The launch of the line took place this summer, and buyers have already appreciated the work of the agronomists of “Agro-Invest”. The company is also planning to switch to a more environmentally friendly packaging format.

The “Golden Collection” does not scream on the shelf, it quietly makes it clear that the choice for those who care about invariably rich taste is obvious. Having tried tomatoes from this collection, you will want to buy only them.