Triple Crown Nutrition

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Derrick Lin


Design: Kick
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Triple Crown Nutrition
Product Launch Location: United States
Packaging Contents: Horse Feed Formulas

Kick Elevates to GOLD with Client Triple Crown Nutrition

Minneapolis branding + design agency, Kick, partnered with Triple Crown Nutrition to launch a new, advanced line of horse feed formulas — each with elevated levels of key nutrients that are a winning combination. The new line is Triple Crown Gold with 3 formulas: Perform, Senior and Balancer.

It starts with insights and strategy
All of Triple Crown horse feeds are super-premium, packed with the right levels of nutrients for horses to thrive. But sometimes, a horse needs even a little bit more. This is where the idea for Gold came about. Elevating the electrolyte balance, fat levels, gastric buffering and amino acids to give certain horses, especially those that compete, the edge they need to go from great to winning gold. Creating a new standard for horse feed.

Packaging that jumps
To stand out in dealer aisles, Kick designed the Gold packaging to exude premium and top quality with the deep indigo blue, metallic gold highlights and matte and gloss varnish details. The brand’s core line is white, so these jump out of the aisle and communicate their premium ingredients and results.

Select dealers
Gold is a line that is only available in select, independent dealers. To communicate this, Kick created digital ad campaigns, social messaging and landing pages to help those interested learn more, and find a dealer as it rolls out into regions and locations.

The campaign, “Go for Gold,” launches the line with animated gold glitter that unearths the message, and the Triple Crown crowns.

“Triple Crown Gold takes the best of everything we’ve learned over the years and combines it in a feed that gives your horse that extra edge they need to go from great to Gold,” said Rob Daugherty, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Triple Crown Nutrition. “We loved Kick’s packaging design from the moment we saw the concept. And the launch campaign, “Go for Gold,” taps into the mindset horse owners. They love their horses and want to give them that little extra to help them go beyond.”

“Successful product launches and campaigns utilize a holistic approach,” adds Kick Creative Director, Stefan Hartung. “All the different aspects of this effort work hand-hand-hand. The product line naming, the headlines and visual execution are all in sync and tap into the consumers’ mindset.”

Triple Crown Perform Gold will be available to customers beginning in February, with Senior Gold and Balancer Gold launching in Spring 2020.