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Derrick Lin


Design: Baud Branding
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Ancestral
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Salt
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard and Paper
Printing Process: Offset and stamping

In an area of the Pyrenees, for millions of years, a special salt has been forming. Natural, pure, high quality. And our challenge was to build a brand that would propel it beyond the premium or eco segment, to reach widespread consumption. We connect with the consumer’s desire to improve their quality of life, proposing an indispensable product to their daily food supply, healthier, natural, homemade and of the best quality. A true brand built from commitment, pureness, excellence and universality

For the creation of the name, we based it on the concept of salt as a universal good from a very ancient origin. A natural spring from 200 million years ago, which takes us back to remote and distant times. Our salt mines, a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation and that we continue working on the same way our ancestors did. A handmade elaboration, which respects the traditional method to obtain salt in an authentic and natural way. As it has always been done and always will be done.

Ancestral is a brand with much to tell and which deserved the creation of a symbol capable of narrating the story of how nature makes the process possible through the union of its four elements: sun, water, wind and earth.

Regarding the logo, we are inspired by the manual work that is also behind the process of the manufacturing of the product. Thus, the wordmark imitates the typefaces created with a chisel, in times when it was written on the actual rock, before the existence of paper.

The result, a brand capable of living in an imaginary of high consumption, standing out above all else and projecting its premium and natural character, without anchoring itself to any of them.

For the development of the packaging, we created a range where you see the elements of nature in different textures reflected, with a clean and direct design that highlights the quality of the product, but is also groundbreaking, projecting its difference towards the consumer and standing out in the aisle. Each reference has a different texture that helps to boost the difference of each one: traditional salt, in flower, with pepper, an innovative liquid salt, and a pure salt in flakes. A packaging like its content: of extreme quality.

An evocative and experiential universe
An emotional brand, with a name and a sophisticated and natural identity, which at the same time places value on all of its benefits such as its origin, tradition, pureness, health, flavour … for everyone. Because everyone should have something as good as this in their homes and on their plates.