Design: Anna Rufova
3D – Visualizer: Funny Honey
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Tea with honey
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Сardboard
Printing Process: Offset printing, relief stamping, lacquer

BeeHome is a brandline of teas with honey. Pure taste of organic black, green and chamomile tea perfectly complement the sweet notes of honey. The brand name BeeHome is consonant with the words Be home (= to be at home). These teas were created in order to fill with warmth precious minutes that we spend with loved ones at home.

The appearance of the packaging replicates the shape of the hive (house for bees). One of those beehives which beekeepers establish in gardens in order to get the most delicious honey. The teabags resemble frames with honeycombs. When you take the bag out of the box, you repeat the entire procedure for obtaining honey. Your tea will be as fragrant as the tea that the beekeeper drinks with honey that he just got.

You can enjoy three flavors of tea classic black, green, and chamomile. All of them are with the honey of course.

What’s Unique?
This project has a new box shape that replicates the hive. This is a clear, emotional image that directly speaks about the characteristics of the product. That this tea contains honey.