Design: Denomination
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Echo Falls
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

Echo Falls has been given a new lease of life with a modern, cohesive and credible rebrand and packaging strategy by drinks design specialist Denomination.

Echo Falls, launched in 2002, has always been regarded as an accessible and unpretentious gateway for people new to the sector. Brand owner Accolade Wines approached Denomination because it was concerned that the market sector Echo Falls occupies was becoming increasingly fragmented and losing popularity.

Its Fruit Fusions line, introduced in 2015, had proved particularly successful, but it was felt that it had come to overshadow other ranges in the portfolio, diluting the overall brand’s credibility. Plus, the infused-wine and NoLo sectors are evolving rapidly at the moment and Fruit Fusions had started to look dated, further impacting the integrity of the Echo Falls brand.

Denomination’s approach has made the brand much easier to understand as whole. It now has a contemporary and sophisticated look and feel, without losing its accessible USP. The strategy also demonstrates how it’s possible to combine value and refinement credibly.

Shifting perceptions
Rowena Curlewis, CEO, Denomination, says, “Echo Falls is a popular brand but it had lost its way in recent years. A big part of our strategy was to create strong, ownable brand assets that would bring differentiation, cohesion and modernity, without losing that important sense of inclusivity.

“As well as being quickly and easily identifiable on and off pack, the new identity needed to appeal to a wider consumer base – those new to the fold, as well as people who may have experienced Echo Falls in the past but moved on, believing that the brand was no longer relevant to them.”

The perfect flow
The new visuals centre on a waterfall, which, as well as being striking and instantly recognisable, gives a sense of flow, drawing the eye from the brand name down to the varietal. It’s simple and easy to navigate – and perfect for snap decisions in the supermarket or scrolling online.

The waterfall is beautifully illustrated and delivers a premium look and feel, as well as unity across the whole brand. Abstract imagery and fresh, modern colourways are used to single out specific variants and communicate flavour profiles. Subtle illustrations on the Fruit Fusions and new Botanical Fusions selections reflect their lighter style and give them a refreshing edge.

Curlewis says: “This brand system delivers the required overall structure while still allowing clear differentiation between the different ranges. It also can be flexed with ease to make space for future innovation.”

Lydia Freeman, European Marketing Manager, Accolade Wines, says: “We urgently needed to rejuvenate the packaging as it’s our most important communication tool. Denomination was able to respond fast and turn the rebrand around in record time. The team’s unparalleled creativity and understanding of the global wine market meant that they could act decisively and with authority.

“We’ve now been positioned as a modern, aspirational brand and are keen to reclaim our position as category leader. Denomination’s approach has taken us away from being perceived as a low-cost starter wine, to being sophisticated and good value.”