Hugmun Studio

Siljangade 4, 2300 København, Denmark

Art Direction, Graphic Design & Product Photography: Hugmun Studio
Video: Andiamo works
Video Art Direction: Joanna Ziemowska, Hugmun Studio
Model Photography: Kuba Szopka
Model: Maria Kompf / Marta Szostak
3D: Ame.type
Location: Norway
Project Type: Produced
Client: Oio Lab
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Cosmetics
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Card boxes
Printing Process: Digital printing

We work with Oio Lab on a daily basis, and we were very excited about their release of two new products; deeply penetrating gel-serums AQUASPHERE and THE E-SERUM. We were responsible for designing new packaging in the brand identity style. The serums are liquid gels in transparent and light blue, so we wanted to highlight their freshness and lightness in the design. We also drew our inspiration from the beautiful ingredients: unique pea ferment, copper tripeptide, oligosaccharides from brown algae or sea minerals. These are especially accented in the creative photography.

The dominating white colour is complemented with blue and sea-green tones. To liven the design further, we created 3D animated models of the boxes.

Simultaneously, we worked on a video and photoshoot with models showing how to use oils and serums. It was our goal to work with natural, beautiful women and not necessarily with professional models. To even further demonstrate that Oio Lab are a kind, transparent skincare brand for everyone.