Designer: Polina Yanushko
3D Visualizer: Pavel Gubin
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
School: B&D
Tutor: Vadim Bunkov
Packaging Contents: Energy Drink
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Cardboard

If you ever needed an extra energy reserve for a long concert, but couldn’t sneak your drink inside, then RE:STAR is your solution. Forget about massive aluminum cans with its unique packaging: this compact, portable capsule is a brand new way to enjoy your energy drink. A concentrated syrup hiding inside packs a punch of energy enough to last you the entire night! Just mix it with sparkling water, which you can buy inside the venue or simply catch it from the stage.

This double-sided capsule is safe and easy to use. Once you open the bottom cap, a layer of foil protects the syrup from spilling. Screw the capsule on top of the bottle, shake it up and you’re done! All that’s left is to open the top cap and enjoy your RE:STAR.

The main idea of RE:STAR energy drink stands for two things — first, to make it resealable, which is now an option, and second — to add a music flavor to it. The line consists of 4 products based off of main music genres: rock, rap, pop and jazz; each is represented by a well-known public personality, whose image is part of the design. Individual color palettes for every flavour make it easier to differentiate one taste from the other. Semi-abstract shapes of used flavorings merged with the background serve the same purpose. As for typography, double dots make the neutral logo more recognizable, and the last but not least fun thing about the project is a graphic instruction, placed at the back of the package.


What’s Unique?
RE:STAR is a unique, niche product from the first drop to the last. It was developed by completely revamping the usual presentation of energy drinks, creating a new, more relevant consumption model as well as a form factor fitting the demands of the target audience, and formulating a uniform concept that dictates the visuals.