Design: Maurvi
Location: India
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Kheer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cup
Printing Process: Screen Printing

La Kheer Deli (LKD) is a Pune (India) based venture who specializes in serving different varieties of kheer in a cup. Kheer is an Iconic Indian dessert made out of rice, broken wheat or vermicelli cooked with Sugar, Milk and Dry Fruits. Globalizing this desi Indian dessert with a twist was the main focus of this packaging design.

LKD serves multiple varieties of kheer and thus making sure that the flavor could be identified with the color of the packaging was the biggest challenge. The brand identity and the product packaging had to go hand in hand and thus we choose a color palette keeping the brand at the center and placing the ingredients and flavors around them. We also did not want to lose out on the traditional color of kheer so we choose to work on a white background as typically kheer is made out of Rice, Sugar and Milk.

What’s Unique?
Yes, I hate boring packaging. Hence I decided to add some fun elements, which would add on to the overall experience of having Kheer.

Everyone is going to relish the dessert till its last drop and hence when they try and gulp the very bit of it, boom! There comes an animal bringing a big smile on your face. Every flavor has a dedicated animal face underneath the packaging.

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