Upper Crust



Design: Maurvi
Location: India
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Snacks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Upper Crust – a bakery since 1989 is well known for its delicious bakery products. Upper Crust name itself is inspired from “something which is oven-baked and has a crispy upper layer”. Product “Khari” is one such perfect example. It is nearly same as Puff Pastry. One of the favorite tea time snacks in India, Khari biscuits has its own following.

Upper Crust thought of introducing 5 new flavour to cater to different taste palettes of people. The focus here was to make something that can be easily identified and something which can be easily recognized when on the shelf/ or in the display. Hence, a minimal version of packaging was created with the colors of the ingredients in prime focus.

What’s Unique?
The minimalism of the packs and an easy user experience. Khari is a snack that is consumed by all classes of people in India including the illiterate. Hence idea was to make something that is classy yet easy to recognize by anyone. This packaging is a proper mix of minimalism and user-friendliness. The colors of the ingredients say it all. One can easily understand the flavor just by seeing its color.