Polina Zagumenova

Берлин, Германия

Creative Director: Elena Zaharova
Brand Development: Anfisa Savchenko & Elena Zaharova
Graphic Design: Polina Zagumenova
Photo: Lera Braun
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: PURPUR
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Candles
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass
Printing Process: Digital printing

PURPUR is a sex-positive brand created by two female friends who run a micromedia about sex. The idea behind PURPUR is to talk openly and positively about sex, because sex could be fun and joyful.

Not everything could be put in words, not all fantasies could be vocalized. All we need is to find a way to translate them. PURPUR Emoji candles’ scents are here to help when the right words are not to be found. All they do is giving a hint: with emoji encrypted messages or a time code instead of product names. Set it on fire. Play. Say no more.

What’s Unique?
We designed labels like a conversation about fantasies between two (or more) people. Instead of using words we wrote sexual desires in the emoji language.