Blanxart chocolate


Design: Bulldog Studio
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Blanxart
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: kraft paper
Printing Process: offset, serigraphy and hot stamping

Blanxart is a traditional chocolate producer, which preserves the tradition and elaboration of the product of another century. Their slogan is “bean to chocolate”, since they go directly to producers around the world to select the best cocoa.

With this presentation, we were asked to move the classic chocolate bar into a dark chocolate bonbon format.

For the design of this packaging we were very clear that we wanted to focus on the origin of cocoa, providing a very specific naming to the product: Origins, which together with the illustrations transport us to that point of origin, to that meticulously careful elaboration.

We work the illustrations directly with a pen, so as not to lose a trace of the line, this gives us the tradition that the project required.

Thanks to printing and finishes, we have unified the criteria of the brand, known for working its products with an image of kraft paper, in this case we work with the same support and print directly on it and provide very precise standings to generate more detail on the points that we were interested in highlighting.

A pack with an internal railing, which creates a visual rigidity when opening the product, these details to achieve a consumer experience and, thus, raise the brand.