Farmer’s Kitchen


Design: Anshu Shukla
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Unitedworld Institute of Design
Tutor: Abhrojit Boral, Sambit Pradhan
Packaging Contents: Herbs and seasonings
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Agricultural residue

Farmer’s Kitchen is a retailer of herbs and spices, which has just entered the market. It procures raw materials directly from farmers, ensuring them better price for their produce, by eliminating middlemen. The goal of the brand is to create high-quality products that gain the trust of clients and consumers.

This packaging is designed for a set of herbs. The idea was to have a small crate similar to the ones seen in a farmer’s market, that would hold the containers of the herbs.

What’s Unique?
If raw materials for the products are sourced directly from the farmers, then why not source materials for packaging from them as well? India burns tons of agricultural waste every year. If this waste can be used for packaging, farmers get income not just from the main produce, but also from the waste which otherwise is burnt or dumped on the roads. Farmer’s Kitchen uses agricultural residue like plant stalks and seed hulls to make their packaging.