Design: candybrophycreative
Location: Australia
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Kombucha Sparkling herb tonic
Packaging Substrate / Materials: glass
Printing Process: digital

Hemple Kombucha is a line of Kombucha without the brown glass and cliche hippy graphics. The vibe Hemple were going for was organic and crafty but fun and we think we achieved these deliverables with the branding and packaging design. The glass bottle is wrapped in the totally opaque graphics and the metal lid is biodegradable like the glass. The shrink wrap is a new biodegradable corn starch compound that breaks down unlike plastic and is fully printable and shrinkable. It’s hard to have a “earth friendly”, “health friendly” product ranges for humans that are bad for the environment if not thoughtfully produced and disposed of. Far from hypocrites like many “earth” friendly competitors who use plastics to boost the profit margin, Hemple would rather charge slightly more, make slightly less and be able to sleep at night not envisioning the product floating in the ocean. We think Hemple are awesome and the product range is as iconic as the company ethos.