Macoo Eatery

Derrick Lin


Design: Deep Blue Design
Creative Director: Maria Stylianaki
Location: Greece
Project Type: Produced
Client: Macoo eatery
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Homemade food restaurant, homemade refreshments
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Offset

MACOO Eatery is a small restaurant located in Heraklion of Crete that offers a daily changing menu with homemade food based on Greek cuisine.

Our strategy was to create a brand that would be welcomed by customers as a fresh idea with a new approach to good greek food. In Greek culture, homemade food is always a necessity and the best choice for families. . The cuisine that we all always looking for, is that of the Greek moms! Believing that healthy and delicious food has to be a daily joy for everyone we connected the memories of flavors from our mom’s cuisine with the brand. That’s how “Macoo” brand was born – mama’s cooking – macoo.

The goal was that the customer may enjoy homemade food, easily and quickly but always healthy and with an aspect beyond the usual. The time of serving had to be reduced than of the typical restaurants, giving a solution to those who prefer a good delicious lunch after a tiring working day or giving the opportunity to working mothers offering delicious healthy meal to their kids.

The design of the brand was inspired by the tools of a kitchen forming also the lettering of the word “Macoo”. “Get in taste mode” comes to give a modern approach to branding and help to reach a younger target group as to train them in healthier nutrition values with a well-known cuisine for them with a fresh approach.

The bright, warm vivid colors were chosen to prevail and characterize the visual communication of the brand that is modern yet artistic. For all packaging, there were used biodegradable food containers that were very much appreciated by the customers. All packaging designs were a combination of the brand with a unique color pallet that highlighting the letters of “macoo” smoothly and playful and characterized the identity that can truly stand on its own.

Packaging design for bags, homemade lemonade bottles, cups, sous-plat are designed to attract the consumer giving him a feeling different from that of fast food. The green attitude of the restaurant completed with the electrical bicycles that move all around the city to deliver the food packages.

The whole idea and design were quickly accepted with great success from the customers as a different approach to homemade food in relation to other restaurants. This was also interesting for tourists as well as locals.