Design: Yulia
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Fruit and nut bar
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

SELF is a vending machine for creating nut-fruit bars from the desired ingredients. This is a great solution for a healthy and varied snack.

The device consists of two parts: on the left there is a screen for selecting ingredients and creating your own bar, and on the right is a display case with ready-made bars for those who do not have time to choose. Below are the ingredients to demonstrate the naturalness of the composition.

Self – reflects the uniqueness and essence of the brand, since the interests of a person and his personality come first.

Reflective textures should be used in materials – metal, foil, mirrors, black screen. The user’s reflection also reminds of the brand’s focus on the person and their personality.

The vending machine offers not only home-made bars, but also ready-made ones – 6 lines. To identify each line, graphic elements in the form of stripes reflecting taste are used. So, even ready-made bars reflect the essence of the brand by the fact that everyone can find their own taste.

What’s Unique?
This is the first vending machine to create your own bars and the first bars for which the personality of the customer is important.