Sal de Parrilla Soeto Alimentos

Amat Design

Rua Charles Robert Darwin, 230 - Maringá, Londrina - PR, 86060-130, Brasil

Agency: Amat Design
Designer: João Nehring Ferreira
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Produced
Client: Soeto Alimentos
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Salt
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Flexography

Located in Joaquim Távora – PR, Soeto Alimentos started its activities as a family business, which in 2016 sold only garlic products with simple packaging and labels. Its logo was rudimentary and needed to be renewed.

We did a brand redesign and the creation of the visual identity for the company, aiming at the standardization and recognition of the same by the consumers. From the redesign of its brand, the company expanded its business and started launching new products. We were responsible for developing the packaging of all new products.

The label was designed to convey a friendly air and a look of homemade product to the consumer, through the use of patterns that refer to tablecloths such as the polka-dot background or checkerboard. The intention was to highlight the familiar aspect and the proximity to its customers, besides the care and attention in the manufacture of its products, some of the main values for the company.

What’s Unique?
The bottle received special attention during the project. The triangular shape was chosen to be a differential of the competitors, facilitating the identification of the brand because it became part of its identity that is being taken to the current projects.