Boute En Train Wine

Ezi Brand Design

385 Rue du Pont, Québec, QC G1K 6M8, Canada

Design: Ezi Brand Design
Location: Canada
Project Type: Produced
Client: Station 22
Product Launch Location: Canada
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

Ezi Brand Design, for station 22, has created the Boute En Train brand. This line was created in the image of Bob le chef, a renowned chef in Quebec who is the author of several cookbooks and hosts web shows on the same subject.

In French, Boute En Train is an expression that refers to a cheerful person, who revives his entourage and spreads good mood. The best equivalent expression in English would be: “He’s a live wire”.

This colorful project allowed the Ezi team to take creativity to another level by creating a dynamic and vibrant packaging, just like Bob the chef. This range of three wines, which will stand out on the shelves, is pleasant to drink, easy to find and affordable. Boute En Train is the decadence of a good meal and the anarchy of a good wine.

The range includes a Carbet Sauvignon from Spain, a Pinot Noir from France and a Chardonnay from Italy. The wines are available in supermarkets in Quebec.