Agency: ECH Creative Agency
Creative Director: Roy Vu
Graphic Designer: Minh Tien, Dong Luong
Content Editor: Thao Ho, Lam Le
Motion Graphic: Minh Tien, Phuong Anh
3D Modeler: Long Pham
Photographer: C.Khoa, FER Concept
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Brand Identity Design

Mofeel – Connecting humans, nature and technology for an Ideal Future

I. Introduction:

Ever since the first outbreak back in December 2019, millions of lives and occupations of the entire population have fallen under the severe destruction of Covid-19.

Looking on the bright side, the global pandemic is a boost to human’s awareness of their own life quality; meanwhile being a motivation to the development of pioneering technologies, including smartphones, smart-watches and facemasks that help with detecting threats and keeping ones safe and sound.

Those inspirations led to the birth of Mofeel – a representation of our strong belief in a future where humans and technology all join hands, bringing the field of social health care to the next level.

II. Core values:
Think about Mofeel as a smart healthcare center where all the leading and innovative technologies are applied into improving the wellbeing of humans. With the slogan “Feel Good Life” and consistent use of eco-friendly materials, Mofeel’s products and solutions aim to enhance life quality. We thrive to enrich our customers’ experience and help them “Feel More”. The states of being “Clean”, “Modern”, “Friendly”, “Delicate”, “Safe” and “Lasting” are also the attributes being delivered in each of our well-crafted products.

III. Stationery:
We optimize and integrate the concept of minimalism in the design of Mofeel’s stationery. The typography logo, which accounts for a large proportion of the design, is easy to be recognized and displayed in a variety of sizes and angles. We also make good use of negative space and pastel colors to stimulate the openness and freshness that the customers are looking for in a quality life.

ThuanAnPaper’s Magic Touch – Jade 180gsm (FSC) helps increase the sense of luxury and elegance in our products as we aim to maximize our valued customers’ satisfaction with the best and well-selected materials.

IV. Motif:
Our main idea is to create a fresh and flexible customer experience using free yet purposeful curves.

V. Online interaction:
A consistent design (from the motif) is applied in all of our social posts, banners, covers, website/app user interface, etc.

VI. Packaging:
Inspired by the concept of minimalism, the product package design gives attention to the key elements such as logo, slogan and product image(s), making good use of negative space.

Olin Rough High White 300gsm (FSC) by Arjowiggins paper is used in the process of package printing.

VII. Store:
Mofeel Store is built to be futuristic, yet still intimate and customer-friendly. Simple and expansive space aims to create a modern and energetic look; while moderate lightning and wood materials help warming up the cozy atmosphere.

VIII. Outdoor/Out-of-home display:
Same as online presence, we apply a variety of motifs into the design of traditional media products, with an aim to attract the passerby’s attention through smooth and eye-catching movements. IX. Overview:
May we use the meanings of blue – the color of Mofeel as the end to this project. Blue is the representation of hope, of the brightness and positivity amidst the gloomy Covid situation. Blue is the color of nature, but is also a reminiscence of the ever-changing digital age. All express our mission to connect humans with nature and technology; in hope of building a better world for all.