KONTORA design agency

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Design: KONTORA design agency
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Fashion
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper Carton
Printing Process: Digital printing

RUDI KIDS is a children’s clothing brand about the essentials, children’s perception of the world around them. A concise typeface with equally valuable words that keeps a coherent image at its core and has created a distinct graphic element. This symbol comes from the two D’s and associatively conjures up an image of a propeller blade, a direct association with childhood. It can be part of the logo, a separate element that animates itself, or create a pattern. Simple, understandable, easy to remember. But stopping here was not in our plans.

We went further and opened up the theme of the logo, its visual solution at the expense of the brand voice. The slogan: “every kid sees his own” made it clear that the child and his perception of the world will show us his image and prompt familiar associations. Nature is part of a culture that is understandable and simple for all of us. We are part of it and we encounter it every day. At a young age you notice every element and merge with it. As time goes by, you lose this ability and sink into the drabness of this world. By animating our 2D element we enliven the space around it and communicate with the audience.

The brand palette is shaped by the colours of the products themselves. Juicy, playful and so bright that it is impossible to pass by. The graphic element itself can be filled with colour, we can give it an outline, any variation of its existence on its own, together with the naming. In order not to go overboard with the chosen colour, everything is combined with monochrome compositions. Instead of the standard welcome letter of the template brand, we have remembered the warmth that a child gives and this purchase should be imbued with a similar image. “Feel that? That’s us sending you a hug” nudges you towards the positive emotions of having a loved one around.

How important it is to remain children and see the beauty around us!