Huckleberry Hill Farms

Derrick Lin


Manufacturer: Paper Tube Co.
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Huckleberry Hill Farms
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Cannabis Seed Pucks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper Tubes

As the cannabis market has evolved, growers like second-generation Humboldt County farmer John Casali are making it easy for beginners to get started growing their own. In addition to flower, Casali’s Huckleberry Hill Farms has released seed pucks, disks of dehydrated soil infused with seeds from the farm’s best strains. Packaged in Paper Tube Co. cylinders, the brand sets itself apart with a unique product. Cannabis seeds aren’t in and of themselves hard to come by, but the complete starter kit soil pucks are unlike anything else currently on the market in California.

“We were drawn to Paper Tube’s eco-friendly, eye-catching packaging,” says Rose Moberly of Huckleberry Hill Farms. “The ‘Sow Your Own Magic’ seed tubes are a great way to get grandma and grandpa, or mom and dad, into a novelty cannabis item that can be talked about and shared for years.”

Casali grew up on the property and learned to care for the land and cultivate world famous strains from his parents. Organic farming practices, rainwater catchment, and solar power continue to support the farm’s sustainability goals. Today the operation is growing, with plans to add agricultural tourism to the mix this year. As a small family farm, Casali and Moberly are concerned about large-scale competitors’ impact as the market expands with widespread legalization.

“There’s just not enough marketing for small legacy farms,” explains Moberly. “Big Ag is going to shut us down eventually if we can’t stand up for small craft cannabis farms.” Huckleberry Hill Farms is making its mark with a solid brand identity and Paper Tube Co. is happy to be a part of it. Moberly sums up the farm’s goal: “We’re here to break the stigma of cannabis and share magic with the world.

“The Paper Tube Co. team was quick, friendly, and very helpful. Our packaging is really eye-catching!” –Rose Moberly, Huckleberry Hill Farms