Keeping customers coming back for life

PhD delivers great-tasting performance nutrition, providing high-quality products based on smart nutritional science. As such, it’s loved by gym goers for its enhanced physical performance attributes.

However, up until now, the brand had never focused on meeting consumer desire for optimum mental performance, where others had.

To futureproof the brand and retain its existing loyal customers, we were asked to create a sub-brand for a new range of lifestyle enhancing products.

People have traditionally turned to supplements to give them relatively short-term physical gains, but increasingly we’re wanting something that gives us a sustainable edge across all elements of our lives.

More of us are interested in ‘human optimisation’ or biohacking. We want to know amidst all of life’s demands and stresses, how we can perform better every day and enhance our quality of life. Therefore, the opportunity was to target consumer need state, backed by PhD’s expertise in clean science.

‘Optimising you for life’ builds on PhD’s grounding in clean, science-based sports nutrition, but talks to a more holistic approach. Based on the desire to make positive feel-good choices without being bamboozled by complicated science and unfamiliar ingredients, PhD Life is centered around seven key need states to help users to optimise different areas of their body and mind to be the best version of themselves, for their life now and in the future.

The seven dimensions of wellness are brought to life visually through a heptagon shape – in its entirety for ‘Complete’ and cropped into for each individual element such as ‘Reset’ or ‘Move’. The organic patterns within vary to represent the product function or benefits, so greens/plant-based macro photography for ‘Vital’ and circles move to a focal point for the focus and clarity of ‘Mind’.

Calling out the benefits of PhD Life in a punchy way with single word variant names and clear on-pack iconography captures consumer attention and humanises the brand, while clean white space across the range provides reassurance in PhD’s scientific expertise.

And both our teaser and educate campaigns clearly position PhD Life as the brand to optimise you for life, providing customers with a reason to return again and again.

In fact, initial feedback from consumers says it’s a great addition to the PhD family – innovative and exactly what we all need to focus on.