PizzaExpress Meal Deal

Rebecca Peel

Design: Brandon
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: PizzaExpress
Product Launch Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Ready meals, desserts, bread, salad
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Card, aluminium, plastic

With its restaurants forced to close during the pandemic, PizzaExpress expanded its product range across new retail categories to answer consumer desire for recreating the out of home experience, at home.

With so many treats off the menu, more than ever, consumers were seeking new and/or loved taste experiences. And with many living a debit/credit lifestyle, they have the innate desire to treat and self-reward. This new range plays into the idea of getting together with a loved one and treating yourself.

PizzaExpress is a hugely established brand, so the key thing was to really understand its visual brand identity system and then use graphic elements, typefaces, etc. to bring the brand to life in an identifiable, cohesive, and impactful way that’s relevant to both consumers and brand. A rich and indulgent colour palette reinforces its status as an everyday treat and provides a level of permissible indulgence.

The new PizzaExpress Meal Deal range has allowed the brand to capture consumers’ imaginations in-store and to bring its restaurants’ promise of ‘good meals, good times’ to UK homes.

Head of Retail, Richard Mills, says:
“Brandon has done a fantastic job of giving customers the opportunity to enjoy the full ‘dine out’ experience at home and in keeping the brand front of mind and relevant to consumers. The whole range sits together perfectly to bring a level of theatre in-store, which we’re really excited about. We can’t wait to see how consumers buy into it.”