Seedman is an Indian brand that wishes to bring the authentic flavour of Indian spices to the world.
They produce spices using traditional Indian techniques.
Without any chemicals or advanced machinery, which in turn helps bring an original taste to the food. They aim to bring back the taste of stone pestled and sun-dried spices to the world. Which are techniques that were originally used by Indian households in the olden days when the members of the house grounded and dried their very own spice blends on their rooftops or backyards. 

I was approached by the team to help them visually translate these values into their identity and packaging. 

Understanding their unique offering, these same principles of authenticity have been kept in mind while defining the brand identity and packaging. Hence a vintage and homely touch has been used to reflect on the traditional processes of Seedman which go back to our ancestral times.
Practices of manufacturing that have been taught to the founder by his great grandparents.  Hence the design resonates with an era that is bygone yet not obsolete.

For the packaging, we again went back to the roots of a typical Indian household. Where traditionally Indian households always stored spices in tin or aluminium containers instead of the modern glass or plastic alternatives. This lead to the use of tin boxes for Seedman as well. To help provide a completely authentic Indian experience. It also helps preserve the taste of the spices and bring a unique and premium touch to the consumers. 

While a simple pattern used with a unrefined textured typeface lends a raw and natural appeal. While the subtle flourishes takes its inspiration from the artistic designs that are often found in various household items of that time.

The rich colours on the other hand have been inspired by the very flavour of the spice along with the colourful culture that Indian food brings to the table.