These days, everything is going back to its roots, going organic!

We are suspicious of abnormally long shelf lives and the shiny coat of chemicals our produce comes in. Today, what matters is that our food is as pure as possible, it is as natural as possible, what matters is it helps the local community in the process of being produced.

Sacred Cacao is the child of this very movement. Cacao has a rich history dating back to ancient civilisations, where it was a crucial ingredient in holy medicinal rituals and treatments, giving it an almost divine status. That exalted essence has been lost along the way with modern-day chocolate being presented to us in a highly processed and refined form.

Sacred Cacao simply wishes to bring that holy essence back to us. Bringing not just high quality but fair trade and locally sourced Pure Bali Cacao. Giving us a long-lost taste of the natural goodness of cacao.

Our goal was to translate this very belief of purity and rawness onto the brand identity & packaging. And not just make it look simple and pure but also not forget that it’s chocolate we are talking about! Being playful is its very virtue by birth! A virtue we must not ignore. It was important that the brand identity & packaging conveyed that, without falling into the cliché of typical organic products which look rather boring and a tad too mature. It had to be playful and yet more polished, more modern, and more thoughtful.

The solution was to create a design that stands out from all of the pre-existing competitors and existing norms in the market. Which was achieved using asymmetrical graphical elements, recycled materials & other traditional-unconventional processes in the manufacturing and packaging.

The bright palette of colours helps us bring some modern-age cheer to the table, while graphical elements such as the sacred seal were inspired by the holy cacao ceremony of Bali. Helping us achieve a balance between the freshness of today and the goodness of the past. All while being completely transparent with our consumers, which is further enhanced by displaying the entire journey of our supply chain and process on the packaging itself. Letting you indulge guilt-free!