Alicia’s Spice Co.


The bond between family and food is the root of Alicia’s Spice Co. A lifelong passion for great food has driven founder, Alicia Haddad, and her venture into creating an all-natural, gluten free, certified vegan, woman-owned spice company that celebrates healthy ingredients and simple, creative cooking. “Feed your body healthy” is the guiding principle behind the development of all the brand’s products. Rook/NYC partnered with Alicia to breathe new life into her brand identity and packaging design. Bold colors and bright illustrations pay homage to the quality ingredients at the heart of her seasoning blend and spice recipes, while a modern touch of elevation is applied to the logo to maintain familiarity. The result is a refreshing take on the art of cooking. Rook/NYC is an independent, full-service creative agency based in New York City that specializes in branding, packaging design and creative production. Rook/NYC develops and deploys impactful, actionable creative solutions to build awareness, drive consumption and impact culture through collaborative partnership with their clients. “Our goal was to inject creativity into what is an otherwise very functional shelf set. Spices and seasonings are fun and bring out a creative element in cooking, and the packaging is supposed to evoke the joyful feeling of cooking together with family and friends. We hope to excite the consumer with the new packaging, and encourage them to pick it up off the shelf.” – Mark Christou, Founder & Creative Partner, Rook/NYC Alicia’s Spice Co.’s line of seasonings has a full roll out in 2022.  



Creative Partner, Mark Christou

Managing Partner, Rebecca Thomas Christou

Designer, Mark Christou


External Credits:

Photography, Tony Pierre

Alicia's Spice Co.